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Buy The Box offers you the opportunity to sell your products online. Become a seller for Buy The Box and get your products into the market by registering here.  Need more information?  Read on!

Looking to sell your products with Buy The Box?

We are closing the gap between sellers and buyers with one order and one payment. Get access to thousands of businesses and buyers that use Buy The Box and get your products into the market.

Don't have any online customers? No problem. We do and will immediately market your products to them.

Don't have logistics or delivery solutions in place to economically ship your goods to your customers? We’ve got you covered.

Prefer to use your own logistics nationally, state-wide, or just locally? No problem, use your own arrangements where you have them and take advantage of ours where you don't.

Why Become A Seller With Buy The Box?

Becoming a seller with Buy The Box brings you closer to your market while maintaining the ease of online shopping. Ultimately, we are a one-stop online shop stocking a variety of local food and beverage products. Market your products to both businesses and consumers in a simple and streamlined way.

When you become a seller with us, you have unrestricted control over your pricing, promotional and sales territories while we handle the logistics and delivery. Expand on your existing client base by joining other Buy The Box sellers and gain immediate access to a new market.

Steps To Become A Seller

  1. Register here
  2. Seller application reviewed and approval
  3. Seller profile create/ edit
    1. Complete/ update your seller profile
    2. Publish your marketig and branding
    3. Setup your ship from location/s
  4. Catalogue created/ edit: load your item/s products via one of four methods
    1. Manually, 1-20 items: we recommend all sellers setup at least one item for familiarisation
    2. Spreadsheet import, 20+ items: recommended for vendors familair with Excel
    3. Integration: the easiest for vendors with an existing web store; also integrates orders and order fulfilment
    4. Use us: for a small fee we'll manage your catalogue for you
  5. Start selling

Once you've got your first orders, you'll be supported with the in app instructions, tips & hints and Seller Support.

Buy The Box is an independent food and beverage supplier/distributor for other independent food and beverage manufacturers/distributors, so we understand the challenges of this market. We will guide through each step of the process, making it as simple as possible via:

  • Online manuals
  • In platform step by step instructions, tips & hints and checklists
  • Seller Support team monitoring your progress, offering assistance

Keen to start selling? Click here to fill in a registration form.